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Engineering Managers Are in Demand (But Soft Skills Are Vital)

Becoming a successful engineering manager takes more than just great education and training. You also need to have the right soft skills. Does this sound like you?

A day in the life of a systems engineer is exciting and varied. Some of your responsibilities may include checking and maintaining existing systems, developing new systems to boost efficiency, advising on suitable hardware and software to meet business needs, reviewing security requirements, and liaising with stakeholders.

In addition to a diverse workload, opportunities are also abundant, with electronic systems engineers and engineering managers in high demand. But to enjoy career success and the best job prospects, soft skills are just as important as technical knowledge.

Here are some of the soft skills you’ll need to be a great engineering manager or senior leader in this field:


Being able to communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders is key in engineering management. Are your verbal and non-verbal communication skills up to scratch? Or are you out of practice?

Instead of focusing too much on technical detail, try to make your work relatable, translating abstract theories into clear business strategies that answer pain points and solve problems.

As an engineer, it can be easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of the job, but building long-lasting business relationships requires the human touch.


Just as good code needs to be well-structured, your engineering management needs to have the same level of organisation applied. Non-technical organisation includes punctuality, effective delegation, timelines and mapping, contingency planning, and being able to set and hit deadlines.

Not only does excellent planning help you stay on track with projects, but it also helps you work more effectively with others, streamlining workloads and keeping everyone up-to-date with progress.

Additionally, being an organised manager means being able to set the right example for the rest of your team.


To be a successful engineering manager, it’s important to bring value to the team. This means having the right leadership qualities. As well as being able to motivate, train and support your team, you will also need to adapt your style to different types of workers.

For a lot of systems engineering managers, your leadership skills will also be needed when dealing with external vendors and partners.

Some important leadership traits include:

• The integrity to do the right thing and set great examples for other members of staff
• Accountability to stand by decisions, actions and the overall well-being of projects
• Empathy and the ability to relate to others no matter their background or walk of life
• Vision to see a project through from beginning to end, with clear goals and targets

Develop your skills here

Do you have the right soft skills to take your engineering career to the next level? The University of Bolton’s MSc Systems Engineering (Electronic) and Engineering Management course is designed to advance your knowledge in this field, boosting your employability.

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^ Complete University Guide in 2021, 2020 and 2019, North West Region


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