Community development How community spirit has lifted the nation in recent times

The national lockdown of movement has had people restricted to their homes and the small areas surrounding it. Driving to the park to walk your dog is no longer allowed, cyclists cannot spend their Sundays on the country roads, and yet, community spirit is higher than ever.

People have been forced out of their usual friendship circles and social activities, and to communicate with those nearby. It might be waving to people as you awkwardly avoid each other on your one-exercise-per-day walk, or speaking to your neighbours over the fence, at a distance of course.

Those who work in the community have a role which is more important than ever, creating new ways of connecting and remaining positive during a time of uncertainty. Their impressive efforts have seen even the biggest of towns taking part in community online events.

The efforts from these inspirational people has led to a surge in community efforts. People are offering to buy essentials for others, walk their dogs if they are too vulnerable to do so themselves, but some efforts have continued across the country.

The keyworker clap

Every Thursday at 8 pm, people are coming out of their homes to stand on their front door and clap for those who are risking their lives each day. From hospital staff to supermarkets workers, prison officers to banking staff, keyworkers across the country are still heading to work to help keep the country running. People are showing their gratitude every Thursday by clapping in the streets; the videos of these events have gone viral as nearly silent towns and cities have roared up in thanks.

Drive-by concerts

While annoying and overbearing subwoofer sound systems may have been in the past, they’re the perfect tool to provide a street party during the lockdown. Those with the relevant equipment have loaded up their cars, plugged in their favourite playlist and are taking requests through social media to provide some karaoke entertainment. They are bringing people onto their front doorsteps for a social distancing style dance floor.

Window decorations

As childcare and nursery establishments are closed, many community and youth workers have been encouraging parents to get creative and put items in their front window for others to benefit while out on their daily walk. Rainbows showing support for the NHS, teddy bears for children to count on a ‘bear hunt’, great ways to help keep young people occupied but and connected.

Are you someone who has become more involved in the community during the lockdown? Your selfless acts are precisely what the nation needs. A career in Community Development and Youth Work could be right for you, on a course at the University of Bolton you’ll learn new ways to bring support, but more importantly, you’ll get incredible satisfaction knowing you will be making a positive difference in the world. If you want to know more about the courses on offer, click here.


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