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If you are an employer and want to invest in upskilling your staff to future-proof your business, apprenticeships are the perfect solution for you. They can be tailored to suit your business needs.

The government introduced the Apprenticeship Levy in 2017, meaning that any employers with annual salary bills in excess of £3 million are required by law to pay the levy at a rate of 0.5%. This is your opportunity to make those contributions count.

Smaller businesses will also benefit from apprenticeships, as your employees will gain an academic qualification and develop practical, relevant skills straight from industry experts. Invest in people and watch as your business grows.

TEF Silver Award

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for my business?

Apprenticeships are the perfect way to develop your existing staff through tailored training that fits your business, whilst attracting and retaining higher calibre employees.

Will my employees have to stop working?

No, your employees will continue to work full-time. They will undertake additional studies part-time at the University of Bolton to supplement this. Apprenticeships can be flexible to accommodate your business needs

How much will it cost me?

If you are currently making contributions to the Apprenticeship Levy, these will already cover course costs. Businesses with annual salary bills below £3 million will be charged at a rate of 0.5%.

What academic requirements are there?

None. All employees are eligible for apprenticeships, regardless of qualifications or previous experience.

How do I apply?

Click the ‘Get in touch’ button above to find out more information and apply for your chosen apprenticeship course.

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