The University of Bolton believes that the protection of the environment is the duty of all responsible organisations and is committed to the principles of sustainability.

The University recognises that its activities have potential impact on the environment and is committed to meet and, wherever practical, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation.

In its aim to serve the community the university will need to demonstrate good environment practices and seek to influence its staff, students and suppliers.

We aim to:

  • Influence future generations by including the promotion of positive sustainability in all university activities including teaching and research activities
  • Promote the efficient use of university resources
  • Dispose of materials responsibly
  • Reduce waste, promote recycling and reuse wherever possible
  • Have a Purchasing policy which promotes sustainability and encourages suppliers to follow good practice
  • Manage energy and water to reduce consumption
  • Work with the local authority, our community, other universities and all agencies to promote best practice with regard to environmental practices
  • Manage efficient use of energy, water and sustainable products in future developments
  • Promote an environmental transport strategy