The University of Bolton is not a typical university. We’ve been developing, learning and evolving ever since the beginning of our journey as an educational institution, almost 200 years ago.

“Changing Attitudes To Higher Education”

At the core of the University of Bolton’s ethos is our commitment to being a ‘Teaching Intensive, Research Informed’ university. Students are at the heart of all our activities, and we’re committed to delivering a supportive university experience with excellent teaching.

In 2017, we took the unprecedented step of publicly celebrating our elite teaching staff with Teaching Professorships. Usually awarded only to research staff, bestowing the title of Professor to our most highly valued teaching staff signalled our commitment to maintaining high levels of teaching and learning.

Bestowing Teaching Professorships is just one more example of how the University of Bolton is helping to change attitudes and approaches in higher education, and it reaffirms our commitment to our students.

The future for the University of Bolton

With our commitment to our students and our culture of embracing change, we can be sure that we will continue to grow and strive for excellence for many more years. Within the last few years and decades we have seen significant changes for our institution, and the future is just as exciting.

We have plans to work more closely with other educational institutions in the region, increase links with high profile businesses, and grow our on-campus student population to 20,000 by 2020.

"Changing the value of a university education"

The higher education system in the UK has changed dramatically over the past few years.

We’ve not only kept up with changes, but actively anticipated trends, to ensure that our students graduate with the best possible experience and career prospects. We regularly review and change our courses to ensure that they deliver industry-relevant knowledge and skills. We’ve developed a number of very career-focused courses: from sport rehabilitation to dental technology, special effects to motorsport engineering.

As well as teaching students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace, we also provide them with opportunities to develop real experiences of work with placements, live projects and collaborations with businesses.

With our focus on graduate employability, we demonstrate that our role as a university goes beyond merely teaching. We’re in the business of transforming lives. Our role is to fully prepare our students so that they have the opportunities and self-belief they need to make a success of their futures.


By working with businesses and employers, we create focused, industry-relevant courses that attract high-achieving students from across the nation. Our students study in surroundings which reflect as closely as possible the working environment which they are likely to enter, with industry standard equipment.

We’re also one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the UK, and one of the best universities for social inclusion. Many of our students are the first in their family to benefit from higher education, and we’re extremely proud to play our part in raising the aspirations and improving the career prospects of so many young people.

Changing Bolton

Some of the changes at the University of Bolton are very clear to see, others are not so visible. One unmissable development is the way we’ve physically changed the university campus over the last few years with a series of imaginative and ambitious investments.

The flagship £6.5 million Institute of Management at Bolton Central

University Technical College Bolton, the first UTC on a UK university campus.

The £31 million health, leisure and research centre Bolton One

Queen’s Specialist Building, housing high-specification dental technologies and bioscience laboratories, as well as a purpose-built theatre and rehearsal space

The National Centre for Motorsport Engineering where students will have access to the most contemporary equipment in a purpose-built environment