Barbara Entwistle - Area Manager - Velux


Masters degree in Construction Management

Professional Body Membership

Chartered Institute of Building

Brief description of job

I work on Roof structures, on both commercial projects, new build, and also listed buildings. I look at proportion,type of structure, and roof pitch, evaluate the project, I then work with architects and specifiers to assist with the correct specification which is suitable for that building.

The work is varied, and extremely interesting, and Im lucky that I have been able to hopefully make a difference to the buildings I have worked on.

Daylight is important and the correct use of daylight within a building is paramount. Getting it right from the inception stage is critical, and Im just part of that process.

What attracted you to the Construction industry?

It wasnt something I set out to be involved in, however, I studied got my degree and now put it to good use.

What are the positives of being a Woman in the construction industry?

From my perspective I just want to go to the site and do the job - the fact that I'm female, to me is irrelevant, plus I have been on sites for years, so no one takes any notice of me whatsoever. However a lot of people do take a second glance when they see a woman on a roof.

What are the negatives of being a Woman in the construction industry?

If you were to ever make a mistake, you would be more easily remembered because you are a woman, thats just life.

Choose two role models of Woman in CET who inspire you

Kathy Sykes who is Professor of Public Engagement of Science and Engineering at Bristol University...........she does fab programmes on Science. She has a great way of engaging the audience in science related subjects..........she makes it really easy to listen to, and has a super way of presenting the subject.

B Rowan of Amazon Nails straw bale builders in Todmorden, B knows her stuff and she came and did a presentation on her housebuiding to the CIOB, she loves her work and is extremely passionate about the subject and that comes across when she presents. The houses they build are just amazing.

Advice for women thinking of coming into the industry

If in doubt, and its construction related, then speak to me...........

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