As a mentor/practice teacher you are expected to role model good practice; practice that is underpinned by professional values including care and compassion. Professional policy and values should also be embedded in your teaching. The aim of this section is to provide supporting resources for enhancing this approach.  Should you wish to raise a concern regarding the practice of one of our students please refer to the documents below.  

The NMC expect that you teach and support learning within a context of practice that reflects healthcare practice and policies. Therefore you will need to be self aware in relation to your own knowledge and professional ethical practice. Consider in particular professional and political policy in your own specialism that you will be expected to incorporate into your teaching.

NMC Standard: Context of practice
  • Support students in identifying ways in which policy impacts on practice
  • Contribute effectively to processes of change and innovation – implementing new ways of working that maintain the integrity of professional roles
  • Negotiate ways of providing support to students so that they can achieve their learning needs within the context of professional and inter-professional practice
  • Act as a role model to enable students to learn professional responsibilities and how to be accountable for their own practice
  • Adapt to change, demonstrating to students how flexibility may be incorporated whilst maintaining safe and effective practice (NMC, 2008)

You will also need to ensure that the 6 'c's policies and initiatives are embedded in your teaching which can be found here and raise awareness of the NHS Constitution, located here.

Process for Raising Concerns Regarding Student Practice

Process for Students Wishing to Raise Concerns Regarding the Practice Area

Process for Higher Education Staff Wishing to Raise Concerns Regarding Practice