Observing trainees, grading and providing feedback

Our trainees are required to have 8 summative observations of their teaching practice (10 if they are undertaking the Skillf for Life pathway) on University of Bolton ITE observation templates (available on the quick links menu to the right of this page).   You will see from the table below that we ask the mentor to undertake 2 ungraded observations early on in the trainees' practice - this will enable to get some essential feedback in the early stages on which to develop their practice.  Subseqent observations must be undertake by an 'approved' assessor and the final four observations are graded.   Note that observation reports must be completed electronically. 

Obs Flow Chart revised


Following a standardisation event between University of Bolton Teacher Educators and our partner organisations we produced more detailed guidance for grading and you will see this document in the right hand column. Grading is challenging and we encourage discussion on grading decisions amongst assessors.  Remember these are trainee teachers and therefore will usually in the early stages there are a number of areas for development.  The key point is that the trainee teacher is listening to and responding to feedback. 


Feedback is an essential component of the observation process and is key to trainee teacher development.  See our guidance on this page (good practice in observations and essential questions to ask trainees)



Note: Have you read the trainee's responsibilities in relation to their teaching placement?  See the Programme Handbook and/or Mentor Guide.