Bolton Brilliance Bursary 2017/18

The Bolton Brilliance Bursary is a cash award which is available to students who commence their course of study at University of Bolton in September 2017, having previously achieved 128 UCAS points at A2 level. 


The Bolton Brilliance Bursary is worth up to a maximum of £3,000 in total. This is paid as a £1,000 cash bursary in each academic year of your studies up to a maximum of three academic years to the most talented students joining University of Bolton undergraduate degree courses in September 2017. There is no need to apply for the bursary, you will be automatically assessed via your application and results but you must have selected the university as your first choice through UCAS by the decline by default date in May 2017 (the Admissions Department will remind you). The bursary may be offered to U.K. and E.U. residents only who are studying on their first full-time undergraduate degree. The bursary may be awarded in addition to other bursaries and scholarships available at the university.


Students must achieve a minimum 128 UCAS points from a HEFCE approved qualification such as: 

A-level (ABB+) from maximum of three subjects, achieved at the first sitting in the final exams within the year of application 

BTEC NQF Qualifications (DDM) or equivalent from maximum of three subjects achieved at the first sitting in the final assessment within the year of application 

A combination of A-levels and BTECs is acceptable 

Applicants must also meet the general entry requirements for the University and the specific course to which they are applying. All qualifications must be verified by UCAS or by the University. Students must have selected University of Bolton as first choice through UCAS by ‘Decline by Default’ (early May 2017). All students must have commenced on the first year of an undergraduate degree course of study at University of Bolton in Semester 1 of the 2017/18 academic year. The course must be delivered at the University of Bolton and not at a partner or franchise partner college. The bursary will be paid for first Higher Education (H.E.) courses only.  If you have previously commenced on a H.E. course of study you will not be eligible to receive the bursary.

In order to qualify, all students must be eligible to receive student support under the current government Education (Student Support) Regulations. Students must be studying full time on a course with tuition fees of £9,000 (for academic year 2017/18).

The following categories of students are not eligible to receive the Bolton Brilliance Bursary: 

Students on NHS funded courses

Students studying BSc Honours Nursing (Adult)

Students who apply by advanced/direct entry

Students studying a Foundation Degree/HND

Students undertaking a postgraduate initial teacher training course.

Students undertaking a postgraduate qualification.

Students “topping-up” from a Foundation Degree, HND or equivalent course.

Students transferring from another institution.

Students whose tuition fees are paid or part-paid through a sponsorship arrangement, for example by an employer

Students undertaking industrial or work experience on a full time “sandwich” basis will not be eligible to receive the bursary during their “sandwich” period

Students studying abroad will not be eligible to receive the bursary during their period of study abroad 


Payments will be made in two equal instalments of £500 each in each academic year, direct into the students’ bank account. The first instalment will be in February and the second instalment will be in May. 

For further information please contact:

Ms Karen Bentley – Student Funding Advisor Tel: 01204 903497 or

Mrs Carol Gray– Bursaries and Scholarships Advisor Tel: 01204 903499


Terms and conditions 

Students must maintain a 60% average in each academic year of their course for continued payment in the following academic year 

Payments will be terminated if the student withdraws, transfers to another institution, fails their programme of study, or interrupts or suspends their studies.  

Payments are subject to continuing and satisfactory attendance on the course. 

Please note all information given on this summary is provisional and subject to change.

Document last reviewed and updated April 2017.