Please note that these UCAS points are to be used for those applying to study a course from September 2017 onwards. If you are planning to start a course before this date then please hit 'back' to find the alternative entry criteria.

The full UCAS tariff can be found on the UCAS website.

Here are some examples of how you can achieve 88 UCAS points as accepted by the University of Bolton. There are obviously many other possible combinations - this is just a general guide.

If specific subjects are required for your course these must be included in your tariff points calculation. Not all qualifications are included in the UCAS tariff. If your qualification is not listed below, or you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us for advice using the contact details to the right. 

Here at Bolton we do accept points from subjects like General Studies and Critical Thinking at A-level/AS-level. We will also count up to 12 points from Key Skills at Level 3/4, the Free-standing Mathematics qualifications or Higher Sports Leader Awards (or other similar qualifications). You can also combine points from different qualifications so long as they are not in the same subject.


  • Two A2-levels at grades AB / A*C
  • Three A2-levels at grades CCD / BCE
  • Two A2-levels plus two AS-levels at grades CCdd / CDbd
  • One AVCE Double Award at grades AB
  • One AVCE Double Award at grades BC plus passes in two Key Skills at Level 3

BTEC Nationals (excluding Early Years) (NQF)

  • One BTEC National Diploma at grades MMM
  • One BTEC National Diploma at grades MMP plus a pass in one Key Skill at Level 3
  • One BTEC National Certificate at grades DD
  • One BTEC National Certificate at grades DM plus a pass in one Key Skill at Level 3

BTEC Nationals (QCF)

  • One BTEC Extended Diploma (Level 3) at grades MMM
  • One BTEC Diploma (Level 3) at grades DD
  • One BTEC Diploma (Level 3) at grades DM plus a pass in one Key Skill at Level 3
  • One BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (Level 3) at grade D plus one A2-level at grade B 

Advanced Diplomas, Progression Diplomas and Principle Learning elements

  • One Progression Diploma at grade B
  • One Advanced Diploma including the Progression Diploma at grade E plus one A2-level at grade A
  • One Progression Diploma at grade C plus one AS-level at grade E
  • One Principle Learning element at grade C plus one A2-level at grade B

Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design)

  • One Diploma in Foundation Studies at Merit grade

Welsh Baccalaureate

  • One Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma
  • One Welsh Baccalaureate Core pass (at Level 3) plus two A2-levels at grades DE
  • The options elements will still be counted if an applicant does not achieve the full Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma.

Scottish Highers

  • Two Advanced Highers at grades BB
  • One Advanced Higher at grade B plus two Highers at grades BC
  • Four Highers at grades ACCC

Irish Leaving Certificates

  • Four Higher Certificates at grades B2, B3, C1, C1 

International Baccalaureate

  • One IB Diploma with 24 IB points
  • Three IB Higher Levels at grades 5,4,4 plus two IB Standard Levels at grades 4,4

Access to HE Diploma

Students would usually be expected to successfully complete their Access to HE Diploma.

  • 45 credits at level 3 (18 distinction, 3 merit, 24 pass)
  • 45 credits at level 3 (15 distinction, 9 merit, 21 pass)

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