Second Life (Meridian Island)

UBCCRU has developed and administers a virtual Bolton campus in Second Life. This is used for teaching, research and social activities. For more information please visit

Barta (University of Bolton Affect Recognition Tri-Stimulus Approach)

Members of the University of Bolton Computer and Cyberpsychology Research Unit (UBCCRU) have recently developed The BARTA (University of Bolton Affect Recognition Tri-Stimulus Approach), a unique database providing validated images of facial affect. 

The BARTA’s unique use and combination of both synthetic and human faces to display facial expressions of emotion affords the academic community a new and comprehensive research resource that should facilitate new, innovative and pioneering research into the differential ways facial expressions of affect are perceived and processed when communicated by synthetic and human faces. 

The tri-stimulus feature also allows researchers to investigate the differential effects of synthetic emotion representation on atypical emotion perception, processing and recognition seen in many groups of clinical populations including those with autism spectrum disorders.

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