The University of Bolton has been commisioned by the Education and Teaching Foundation (ETF) to deliver a high profile and challenging professional learning experience for those who aspire and have the ability to take on a subject leadership role in the FE and Skills Sector. The LEAD programme is in response to this and offers a suite of courses which can be fit around your teaching responsibilities. 

The Further Education Teaching Learning, Education and Development Programme (FE Teaching LEAD) aims to promote innovate practice and prepare the next generation of subject leaders in the FE and Skills sector.

  • Benefits to your organisation - all participants complete action research assignments, focusing on practical strategies for change management and professional development within their organisation.
  • Professional Development - develop skills in the handling of educational research, and learn to critically reflect on how to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities gained.
  • Accreditation - work towards your next qualification with our flexible awards with multiple entry and exit awards.
CourseMode of Attendance 
 Leading Educational Change (HE7)   Part-time
 Leading Learning MA   Full-timePart-time
 Leading Learning Cert (CPD) (HE6)   Part-time
 Leading Learning PgCert (HE7)   Part-time

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