Postgraduate Sports Courses

At the University of Bolton we offer two postgraduate courses: 1) an MSc in Strength and Conditioning, 2) an MSc in Sport Rehabilitation and 3) MPhil and PhD studies in Leisure and Sports Specialisms. 

Our MSc in Strength and Conditioning is focused on sports graduates and individuals currently working in the strength and conditioning industry.  During this course, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to work successfully as a high-level strength and conditioning coach.  Previous students on this course have come from a range of backgrounds, including strength and conditioning professionals working in international cricket, professional rugby and premiership football.

Our MSc in Sport Rehabilitation is an accredited programme by the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers (BASRaT), and graduates are eligible for BASRaT registration to be able to work as a Graduate Sport Rehabilitator (GSR) healthcare professional. This MSc is focused on sport or health degree graduates and individuals working in industries such as sports therapy, exercise and fitness training, or allied health fields. This course will develop the practical skills and clinical knowledge to establish their career in the field of specialised musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Our MPhil and PhD studies in Leisure and Sports Specialisms are tailored to individuals interested in pursuing a research-based master’s degree or PhD in the field of leisure or sport.  Interested candidates should follow the link below for further information.

CourseMode of Attendance
Sport Rehabilitation MSc Part-time
Strength and Conditioning MSc Full-timePart-time

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