Holly Craggs, PGDip Psychological Studies

"The quality of teaching on the Postgraduate Diploma course was excellent, and I found my lecturers to be extremely supportive. The course was well-designed and offered a broad perspective on current issues in psychology. Seminars gave me the opportunity to consider more deeply the ideas presented in lectures- I found them very useful. Most of all, I enjoyed being part of University with a diverse student body."

Ashley Pia Ryan, PGDip Psychological Studies

"I chose this university above all others, as the friendly and supportive vibes I got from my first experience with the university made me feel like I would have an amazing support network within the university setting. And... I was right. I had graduated with my degree from a very large Irish University, where the atmosphere was more impersonal. The university of Bolton impressed me from the start. The staff in this University constantly go above and beyond their call of duty in order to support the progression and development of their students".

Mark Durkin, BSc (Hons) Counselling and Psychology

“I can honestly say that my time here at the University has been life changing. Thanks to the more than capable staff and outstanding facilities I have grown and developed not just as a student of Psychology but as a person also. The delivery of lectures are of the high standard that one would expect of a University, but at a pace and level of understanding that is both engaging and comprehensible. In addition tutors are always on hand and more than happy to assist with additional support if needed. Personally this has helped me to grasp and advance my understanding of Counselling and Psychology overall, as well as the individual subject areas. The whole experience has helped propel me to where I now feel more confident, competent, and prepared for my next academic challenge, which is to complete a PhD. By continuing my studies at the University of Bolton I am confident that I will be supported to succeed, what more could anyone ask for.” 

Robert Vale, BSc (Hons) Criminological and Forensic Psychology

“What has remained constant throughout my time here is the quality of teaching staff we have. All the lecturers are experts in their own field and this comes across in the lectures. As a Course Rep I have had a chance to engage with the staff more than perhaps some of the other students and I have found their professionalism second to none, they always listen to the students needs and involve us in trying the make the university better by taking on board our views. The Psychology staff often go beyond their remit to ensure the students are supported at every moment of their University career."