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Teaching responsibilities

Psychology Foundation Year (The Individual and Society, Readings in Modern Society)



Having developed a keen interest for Human development and cognition while training as a History teacher, I did a BSc Psychology degree at the University of Greenwich, which was followed by a MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology at UCL, and finally by a PhD at King’s College London, more specifically at the MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, Part of the Institute of Psychiatry.

My PhD consisted of a series of investigations into the association between Autism and talent. More specifically, it involved trying to gain a better understanding of the cognitive factors that may predispose individuals with these conditions to develop skills and talents at such a high prevalence. I have also investigated the aetiology of this association, with results suggesting a marked degree of genetic overlap between Autistic traits and skills and talents. 

After completing my PhD I worked as a Lecturer at the University of Lisbon, where I was responsible for developing and delivering a number of subjects, mainly focused on the topics of Biological Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.   

Presently I am involved in running the Psychology Foundation Course, on which I am responsible The Individual and Society module, and will also contribute to teaching on a number of undergraduate subjects.

Although I intend to continue my research into the cognitive factors behind the association between Autism and ability, I have developed additional research interests, such as imitation and understanding of action, mechanical skills and autism traits, processing of emotional stimuli, and sensory processing in Autism.



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