Teaching Responsibilities

Lecturer in Statistics


Since graduating with a BSc in Mathematics and achieving a PhD in Statistical Genetics (on heritability estimation using a generalisation of Galton’s Law of Inheritance), I worked as a research officer in computational statistics, and then for many years as an independent tutor.

Encountering children and adults with different educational needs led me to study for an MEd degree, and to specialise in precision teaching and mathematics education.

I returned to research in 2011 as an honorary fellow at the University of Liverpool, became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2013 and a peer-reviewer of the Educational Journal of Living Theories in 2015.

My academic interests include exploration of:

  • how a qualitative research methods, like Living Educational Theory, can become catalysts for the development of new statistical techniques.
  • and modification of well-respected models in applied science; for example, Galton’s Law of Inheritance.

How research informs my teaching activities

Applied Stochastic and Markov Processes

Sometimes I use a pretend family of ‘comic maths’ characters to help younger children learn maths, and I am working with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts on a research project called ‘a character in the early years maths class’ which will collect pedagogic data on a nine-state Stochastic process generated by an actor in role, young learners and their teachers.

This will give further insight into comparative early years learning dynamics in maths education, and inform my curriculum design work at HE7.

Applied Time Series Modeling

The final chapter of my PhD thesis attempted to a generalize Galton’s Law of Inheritance to include terms due to non-additive genetic and environmental causes of similarity between relatives; and still obtain estimates of heritability. This made it necessary to study changes in genetic parameters over time.

Analysis of time series models of relationships and their relevance to heritability estimation builds on my PhD research, and this will inform my curriculum design work at HE7.

Publications and Research Outputs

Williamson, B. (2015). A five-cycle living visual taxonomy of learning interactions. Educational Journal of Living Theories 8(2): 100 - 133.

Williamson, B. (2016). A character in the early year’s maths class! Investigating children’s affective, cognitive, creative, physical and social foundations to mathematical understanding: Research Ethics Committee proposal accepted at the University of Bolton on 4th March.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Williamson, B. (2014). Visual Learning Strategies in a Higher Education Environment. Teaching and Learning Conference. The University of Liverpool, 26 June 2014

Williamson, B. (1992). Probability and Statistics in the One to One Environment. Royal Statistical Society Conference Abstracts. Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield.

Williamson B., MacIver, R. and Kassab, J.Y. (1979). An Environmental Approach to Realised and Predicted Heritability Estimation in a Large Commercial Breeding Programme. Conference proceedings of the EAAP. Munich, Germany.

Selected Research Proposals

Williamson, B. and Subramaniam, M. (2012). A Graphic Aid to History Taking: the development and evaluation of a visual tool to assist dyslexic medical students during Observed Structured. Clinical Examinations. Higher Education Academy Grant Application Draft prepared. University of Liverpool.

Williamson, B. (2013). A Multiple-Case Study Approach to Dyslexia Students’ Assessments of the Validity of their Study Aid and Study Strategies Reports. Higher Education Academy Grant Application prepared. University of Liverpool.

Williamson, B. (2014). Power to the Pupils! A double-loop reflection talking drawings algorithm to complement mainstream school reports. Research paper advanced draft submitted to the University of Liverpool Pedagogy Research Group forum.

Selected Reports

Haes, P., Williamson, B.; Hawley, A.; Gilmour, M.; Benstock, D.; Richards, J.; Connor, J.; Townend, J.; Cooling, J.; Radcliffe, C.; Benwell, M.; McDermott, T. and Purdy, P. (1998) Inspection Report: Haslingden High School, Lancashire. 27 April to 1 May. Ofsted contract number 700654

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