Professional Biography

Teaching Responsibilities

Module lead and Senior Lecturer for:
Negotiated /Open Learning
Discovery and Establishment of Advanced practice
Managing Risk and Root cause Analysis
STEPS to Personal Success
Research MSc supervisor

Advanced Practice Learning Facilitator:
I liase, facilitate, support, teach and negotiate with students, their employing NHS organisations, the university and mentors and assessors to ensure that students on the MSc for Advanced Practice are provided with a positive work based learning programme and achieve successful outcomes in complex situations.


As a podiatrist by profession I worked in a range of roles and settings across the NHS between 1979 and 2005, before moving into education at the University of Bolton.

As Advanced Practice Learning Facilitator, I work with students, mentors and employers to ensure that students on the MSc Advanced Practice have successful work-based experiences, while my own MSc in Practitioner Research has led to a range of research interests. These include topics relating to advanced practice role development, research ethics, clinical and research governance and personal development programmes.

I provide dissertation supervision for masters students, supervise negotiated and open learning projects, am a learning facilitator for a number of PhD students and an expert member of the Central Manchester branch of the North West Research Ethics Committee.

Recent Publications/Papers Delivered at Conference

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Presentations at conference:

2009 University of Bolton, Health and Social services Research Day. 
Session F‘ Supporting Research Students out in the workplace’ – ‘Susan First, Carole Truman & Alison Wilson-Shaw
2008 University of Bolton Annual Teaching and Learning conference Susan First 
Let’s have a laugh; the use of humour in learning & teaching
2008 University of Bolton, Health and Social services Research Day
Forming Collaborations and Creating Partnerships in Research