Robert Campbell has extensive experience both as a practitioner and as an academic. A specialist in UNIX systems and enterprise infrastructures for many years he worked full time in the technical services division of a high street bank. He has also worked internationally in varied sectors as a systems analyst, project manager and database programmer. His teaching interests are equally varied but generally focus on the design, administration and management of advanced technical infrastructures (networks and systems). An experienced PhD supervisor he currently has 12 doctoral students. He has lead a range of degree programmes both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.


  • PhD - Dual mode processing during the user acceptance of computer based information systems. The University of Bolton.
  • MSc (Distinction)    Business Information Technology. Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • ADBA - Advanced post graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Durham University Business School.
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Information Systems (2:1) Salford University.

Teaching responsibilities

  • Internetwork Design and Integration
  • Enterprise Infrastructures.
  • IT project and service management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • UNIX
  • Accessing the WAN (CCNA 4)
  • Information systems and databases
  • Systems Analysis and Design

Research interests

  • Information system resistance
  • Technology adoption
  • Cloud computing and virtualisation
  • Project management for information systems
  • Relational agents
  • Cyberpsychology

Professional bodies and certifications

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of the British Computer Society
  • Cisco Certified Academy Instructor

Recent publications, conference presentations and invited talks

Campbell, R. H., Grimshaw, M. N. & Green, G.M. (2009) Relational agents: A critical review. The Open Virtual Reality Journal. 1 pp 1-7.

Campbell, R. H. and Green G. M. (2009) Relational Agents and StructurANTion theory : moving towards a model for automated system integration. Proceedings of the 2009 UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS). Oxford, UK.

Campbell, R. H., Grimshaw, M. N. & Green G. M. (2010) A psychology based framework for cultivating and respecting user attitudes. Proceedings of the 2010 UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS). Oxford, UK. 

Campbell, R. H., Green G. M. & Grimshaw, M. N. (2011) Inciting advanced levels of practitioner reflection through progressive graphic elicitation. Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies. Normandy Business School, Caen, France.

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Campbell, R. H. (2012) Expert reflections on peripheral influence and heuristics during technology acceptance. Presentation at the Cyberpsychology and Computing Psychology Conference (CyComP 2012). University of Bolton, UK.

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Keynote address. The UK Academy for Information Systems 2013 (UKAIS) PhD consortium. Oxford. UK.

Uzuwe, P. and Campbell, R.H. (2014). Towards Ubiquitous Mobile Asset Tracking Using mobile smartphones and Bluetooth 4.1 smart ready technology. Presentation at the University of Bolton Research and Innovation Conference 2014. University of Bolton, UK.