The University of Bolton takes part in three national major surveys of student opinion as well as running our own internal surveys. The surveys give you the opportunity to give us considered feedback about your course and your experiences at the University.

National Surveys

These are surveys run by institutions across England, Scotland and Wales, the national results are made publically available.

Internal Surveys

These are surveys that the University runs for its own internal use, to help identify areas that are doing well and areas that need improvement.

We use the information you provide to help us improve provision for students.

How are the results used?

We listened to your advice and these are just a few of the things we've done so far:

  • Added additional computers to the 365 Room
  • Created a 24 hour library facility - opening on 1st October!
  • Improved the heating and security in the 365 Room
  • Installed new heating within the SLZ and silent study room in the library
  • Replaced all computer chairs in the library and 365 with adjustable operator chairs
  • Cut the cost of printing by 20 per cent

And we're not stopping there! We're currently in the process of:

  • Creating a Tech Zone in the SLZ with a further 35 computers, both PCs and Macs
  • Installing 60 new Samsung self-service laptops in the SLZ area for students' use
  • Introducing a "find a vacant computer" service in the library for students
  • Investing a further £10,000 in the Law library stock