One of the most nerve-wracking experiences for you and your child is leaving home to go to University. Getting the right type of accommodation can offer peace of mind and make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful university experience. 

University Owned Accommodation – Halls of Residence

University owned Halls of Residence are the most straightforward, easy to organise and budget for forms of student accommodation. For your son or daughter they are generally a great place to meet and make new friends. Your son or daughter will not have to pay separate utility bills as everything is included in one price. Staff are available 24 hours a day to make your son or daughter's Halls of Residence experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Further Benefits of Choosing University Owned Accommodation

• Experienced Student Services staff offering advice and support

• Signed up to the Universities UK (UUK) Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing

• Maintenance and repairs carried out by qualified craftsmen

• Comprehensive security package

• High-speed Internet in all bedrooms as part of the accommodation package

• Supplemented cleaning of bathroom and kitchen areas on a weekly basis

• Fully equipped laundry facilities (coin operated)

• On-site recycling facilities

• Free car parking

• The University has arranged a standard level of student room insurance for residents with Endsleigh Insurance.

Private Halls of Residence

The newest type of accommodation available to students, often similar to University owned accommodation however because these are in the private sector, prices are set by the market and subsequently they end up being more expensive.

Private Accommodation – Flats and Houses

This is often an option chosen by continuing students who are familiar with university life and Bolton. Like private Halls of Residence the cost of renting in the private sector varies and can work out more expensive than Halls. A guide to private accommodation can be found here.

Problems in University Accommodation

Most students in our Halls of Residence enjoy their time immensely, finding their feet as adults living away from the family home for the first time, making friends whom they will know for years and developing a healthy balance between exciting social lives and fulfilling academic learning.

Sometimes though there may be problems, whether it is with their flat or perhaps a disagreement with flatmates. In these situations there are staff here to help. A student's first point of call when problems arise should always be a Caretaker or Warden. Whether it is just for a comforting chat or something more serious Student Services is comprised of dedicated, professionals and well trained people ready and able to help.

All our students are adults and the University is committed to treating them as such, as much for their own personal development as for the legal restrictions that data protection laws create. University is after all as much about independent living as it is independent learning and a student who is actively involved in solving their own problems will find it much easier to do so.

We do understand that although all our students are adults in their own right, naturally their first point of call when facing challenges is often to call home. The best way to support your child is to make sure they are equipped with the information on where to seek help. Dealings between Student Services Staff and our students are always confidential allowing any issues to be discussed openly. For this reason it is not always possible for you, as parents, to be directly involved in these meetings but our staff will always stress to students how important it is to keep their loved ones informed to avoid unnecessary worry.

Data Protection Act 1998 - The University of Bolton is registered as a data user with the Office of the Information Commissioner. The University holds data relating to its students for a variety of purposes including the management of student accommodation, whereby the accommodation contract is between the student and the University. Student Services are not able to enter into any discussions with a third party (including parents) unless the student has given that permission (unless exceptional circumstances apply as provided by law).

Halls of Residence - Maintenance Reporting

Halls of Residence - Complaints Procedure

Halls of Residence - Student Conduct Statement