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The university's web site is a primary source of information for our students, staff, alumni and friends and for visitors from business and the community; it is important that our site reflects a unified, professional image of the university and that the information our visitors are looking for is easy to find, well-written, relevant and informative.

These guidelines are to help those publishing to the university web site provide a consistent look and feel across the site and to ensure that our site is usable and accessible across all its pages. Find out more about:

Publishing: includes information about who can publish, what can be published and how; legal and corporate obligations and the web server & technologies.

The Accessibility Guide: This guide takes you through all the  possible issues relating to accessibility.

Contensis FAQs / Discussion / Contact Information

If you require help or need a question answered, or actually you can help others using Contensis be posting 'tips' using the system. Then please head over to the Contensis Team Space.


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