Accessibility - Clarity

The use of clear and simple language makes documents easier to understand and promotes effective communication. The use of consistent page layout, familiar graphics and easy to understand language benefits all users

Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for a site's content

  • Use clear and meaningful headings
  • Review headings and outline to ensure meaning is as intended
  • Limit each paragraph to one main idea and avoid complex sentence structures
  • Keep it simple - avoid technical jargon and unfamiliar or specialisied vocabulary
  • Make link phrases short and meaningful

Usepictures, sound and text to complement each other to help your message reach the most people.

Create a style of presentation that is consistent across pages

A consistent page design should include:

  • Main navigation buttons in the same location on each page.
  • Consistent use of colors, text styles, heading locations, graphics style, etc.
  • Consistently-placed supplementary text (eg copyright statement), images and other navigation or footer features

If your site has a consistent look and feel, users quickly become familiar with it and know exactly how to locate information quickly.



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