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Queen, the
if it is necessary to say so, she is Her Majesty or HM, never 'HRH'

Queen's College, Oxford
its official name is The Queen's College (named in honour of Queen Philippa in 1341)

Queens' College, Cambridge

Queen's speech

not queuing



quotation marks
Use single quotes at the start and end of a quoted section, with double quotes for quoted words within that section. Place full points and commas inside the quotes for a complete quoted sentence; otherwise the point comes outside:
'Joanna said, "Your style guide needs updating," and I said, "I agree." '
but: 'Joanna said updating the guide was "a difficult and time-consuming task".'
When beginning a quote with a sentence fragment that is followed by a full sentence, punctuate according to the final part of the quote, eg The mayor called the allegations 'blatant lies. But in a position such as mine, it is only to be expected.'
Headlines and Stand-alone introductions we sometimes use on large features, called standfirsts, (sparingly), captions and display quotes all take single quote marks
For parentheses in direct quotes, use square brackets

holy book of Islam (not Koran); regarded as the word of God, having been dictated by the prophet Muhammad, so in the eyes of Muslims it is wrong to suggest the prophet "wrote" the Qur'an


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