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naive, naively, naivety
no accent

nothing; nought the figure 0

but Royal Navy


Netherlands, the
not Holland, which is only part of the country; use Dutch as the adjective. Exception: the Dutch football team is generally known as Holland

but none the less

New Labour
but old Labour

new year
lc; but New Year's Day, New Year's Eve

New Year honours list

national health service, but not necessary to spell out; health service is also OK

Nigerian names
surnames do not exist in the north of Nigeria: a typical name would be Isa Sani Sokoto (Isa the son of Sani who comes from the town of Sokoto); so best to write in full

nightcap, nightdress, nightfall, nightgown, nightshade, nightshirt
one word

Nobel prize
Nobel peace prize, Nobel prize for literature, etc

No 1
in the charts, the world tennis No 1, etc

no man's land
no hyphens

no one
not no-one

none the less
but nevertheless

north London, north Wales, north-west England, the north-west: all lc

not nosey

notebook, notepaper


spell out from one to nine; integers from 10 to 999,999; thereafter use m or bn for sums of money, quantities or inanimate objects in copy, eg £10m, 5bn tonnes of coal, 30m doses of vaccine; but million or billion for people or animals, eg 1 million people, 3 billion rabbits, etc; in headlines use m or bn


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