The University is committed to teaching excellence and has trained and experienced learning and teaching specialists who carry out graded teaching observations.  The process involves:

  • the observer and teacher having a pre-observation meeting and initial discussion 
  • the observation itself 
  • the observer and teacher having a post observation meeting
  • recording the observation result.

There are nine aspects in the criteria:

  • planning and differentiation supports best outcomes for all learners with opportunities to stretch and challenge
  • promotion and management of positive learner behaviour, motivating and inspiring students to learn
  • demonstration of a depth of subject knowledge to support learners in acquiring understanding and skills
  • use of creative and innovative teaching and learning strategies (including integrating the development of other skills)
  • utilisation of available resources, including using technology in supporting learning
  • use of a variety of assessment strategies to monitor progress, provide feedback and check impact on learning
  • promotion of equality and diversity, creating a positive, inclusive learning environment
  • use of reflective practice and research to develop evidence-based practice
  • demonstration of professionalism in practice.

Staff are supported to enhance their teaching.