Within the annual staff development programme, we have:

  • an extensive range of staff development sessions covering pedagogy, student experience, research, and standards and enhancement
  • a Peer Observation Framework (Sharing Practice)
  • a Graded Teaching Observation Framework
  • an annual TIRI conference
  • external staff development activities 
  • staff development sessions delivered in face-to-face sessions by staff with specific expertise
  • online courses and resources.

The Peer Observation Framework (Sharing Practice) involves teachers and staff supporting learning observing a peer and, in turn, being observed by a peer.  The focus of peer observation is sharing practice and reflecting on experience.  The Peer Observation Framework is implemented at the local level and good practice disseminated. 

The Graded Teaching Observation Framework involves teachers being observed by a trained and experienced University learning and teaching specialist and provided with feedback for the purpose of professional development. The focus is on the development of excellence in teaching and supporting learning.  

Our annual Teaching Intensive Research Informed (TIRI) conference is one of the ways we share practice, ideas and research with professionals from other universities, our partners, and our own staff and students. 

Staff can apply to undertake external staff development activities such as courses, conferences, and working parties and projects. 

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