Each presentation must have a University of Bolton academic supervisor. Abstracts that lack faculty sponsorship will not be accepted.

The supervisor's involvement in work to be presented at the SRC 2016 is therefore essential.

Responsibilities are laid out in the Call for Abstracts, available on this website. You should familiarize yourself with the Presentation Types and Submission Guidelines listed in the Call for Abstracts.

At the minimum, faculty should proofread the abstract before submission, give appropriate feedback and editing, and formally approve the submission. You will receive notification by e-mail when a presentation for which you are listed as mentor has been accepted. Stay in touch with students you are mentoring so you can preview presentations, giving appropriate feedback to enhance their quality. 

Benefits to you for shouldering these responsibilities are significant:

  • the ability to transfer results from one's scholarship into the classroom. A key component of our TIRI Strategy.

  • the stimulation and confidence that accompany creative thinking

  • the opportunity to mentor enthusiastic, high-quality students

  • the enhanced ability to remain current in one's field and discipline

  • the excitement created by intellectual activity and participation in new discoveries

  • the recognition by one's internal and external peers

  • the reinvigoration of one's career

  • the chance to improve teaching techniques, such as in investigative laboratories (or workshops)

  • the ability to promote the concept of life-long learning for students.

Roundtable discussions oriented to faculty concerns can also be beneficial. Roundtable sessions on timely, controversial or perennial topics will be scheduled. If there's a topic you would like to hear discussed, you can make a proposal by emailing SRC@bolton.ac.uk.