Submissions from all Academic Schools are welcome. All University of Bolton students, including those who graduated in Summer 2015, are encouraged to submit an abstract to present. Research does not have to be complete; presentations can represent any stage of a project's evolution, from proposal and literature review to fully completed experiments.

An eligible presentation will report, perform or represent the outcome of substantial work by a student or group of students. This might include the outcome of the final year project. If the project have its origin in an assignment for a class, the presentation should show it has been developed above and beyond a class requirement. The abstracts will be evaluated by faculty to select qualifying participants for the SRC 2016.

Presentation Types

Presentations will be grouped into disciplinary and interdisciplinary sessions based on the overall distribution of abstracts submitted. Authors select the scholarly area and the presentation type that is most appropriate for their project. The presentation options are listed below:



Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length (including time for questions) and grouped into sessions based on topic or discipline.

Presentations should be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi. With your permission, conference organizers will post your presentation in note-taking format (3 slides per page with lines for notes on the sides) as a secure PDF on a private website only for conference registrants. If you do not wish to post your presentation handouts, we will still need your PowerPoint/ Prezi file in advance for review for SRC 2016 requirements.

You may upload your submissions using the Presentation Submission Form. Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.



Poster Presentations

Poster viewing sessions are scheduled for April 27, April 28, and April 29. Please make sure that you are standing in front of your poster on the designated day and time. Coauthors are welcome to join you.

Participants are responsible for printing their posters and bringing them to the conference location. For accepted submissions, additional printing instructions and content guidelines will be sent with notification of the decision.

A guide that presents a strategy for producing poster presentations can be found here.

Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.



Studio Art

Studio arts presentations will be examples of creative works from the fields of painting, photography, print making, ceramics, sculpture, fibers, or visual communications. Students will present a body of work to encompass no more than 8 sq ft. These works will be displayed throughout the Social Learning Zone, The Chancellor’s Building ; thus they will need to be matted, mounted, framed, or otherwise presented in a professional manner. The abstract proposal must be accompanied by a description of size, media, and an artist's statement of intent.

Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.



Performing art

Performing arts presentations will be examples of theatrical or musical performances, or a combination of the two. The performances will be 12-18 minutes in length, with an additional 2-3 minutes for questions concerning the composer/writer, style, influence, and performance demands. The performances will take place in Queen's Theatre, where stages, performance halls, and classrooms will be made available. The abstract proposal must be accompanied by a description of needed equipment (props, music stands, etc.), and a brief summary of the work's style and influence. 

Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.



Technology showcase

Technology presentations will be displayed on one-half of a standard, 8 ft long folding table. Space can be used to display computer graphics, continuous (looped) video presentations, and/or other technology demonstrations. Some type of written description of the project should accompany the display.

Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.



Roundtable discussion

Discussion sessions provide the opportunity for individuals or groups to moderate sessions that are focused on timely, controversial, or perennial topics. Session topics might include a wide range of scholarly issues, and some will be student-oriented (e.g., how to get started on a research project; tips for delivering excellent presentations) and others will be faculty-oriented (e.g., current issues in biotechnology/ psychology; interdisciplinary research; faculty showcases). The roundtable sessions will be one-hour, 'brown bag' discussions held over the lunch hour. There will be a maximum number of such sessions that the program can accept.

Please contact us at SRC@bolton.ac.uk with any questions.