Effective Group-working in Multi-professional Teams that Support Regional Regeneration

This JISC funded project links in to the GMSA Advance (formerly called ModCAT) which will deploy online tools allowing users access to bite-sized flexible learning options from any GMSA partner institution. The Project will re-use and re-purpose learning content from external and internal sources to develop and pilot a level 4 module "Working in Groups" for multi-professional teams working in the field of regional Regeneration.

This is a key element in a cohesive strategy for the collaborative delivery of technology-enhanced work-related and work-based learning throughout Greater Manchester. The modules can be used individually to address immediate work-related learning priorities and/or to assemble a coherent selection of modules that represents an individualised curriculum directed toward the achievement of a recognised higher education qualification.



•The development for collaborative delivery of a 10 credit module at level 4 (HE level 1) by the re-use and re-purposing of content from sources internal and external to the University of Bolton and GMSA.

•To develop good practice that will be deployed extensively by HE providers throughout Greater Manchester working collaboratively to provide Work-based and Work-related Learning to meet the needs of eight key sectors.



•The development and testing of a model that can be more generally applied to the re-use and repurposing of content from both external and internal sources as granular learning objects that support the integration of work-related learning and its practical implementation.

•The initiation of the wider take-up of the above model across all eight GMSA Sector Development Groups for the purposes of accelerating the cost-effective and pedagogically-effective population of GMSA Advance.


Project Team

Project Director/Manager: Dr Margaret Nelson (University of Bolton)

Educational Consultant: Janice Estcourt

Evaluator: Pam Irwin (GMSA)

Learning Technologist: Mike Lawrence (University of Bolton)

Project Manager: Roz Fox (GMSA)



Final Report