Your contribution is vital to the success of the course, for you and your peers. Many of the activities you will undertake will involve you in working with other students, in pairs, subgroups or as a whole class or cohort group. These activities succeed because of the range of ideas, experiences, knowledge and motivation that students bring to them. We therefore ask for and require your fullest constructive co-operation and active participation. Some further points are:

  •  Engage fully in activities, even if at first sight they do not seem particularly relevant. Often the significance is not apparent at the outset, and can only emerge if the group approach the activities positively.
  • Reflect upon your experiences on the course, identifying your own contribution and those of others.  Keep a log book/reflective journal in which you can record your reflections, even if your course does not require you to. Some programmes require this, but whether yours does or not, it can be very useful and helpful to you.
  • You will often be exposed to views and ideas that challenge your own. We ask that you respect the views of others and be prepared to listen to them, consider them, and analyse them objectively.
  • You must avoid racist, sexist or ageist remarks and other offensive language or behaviour.
  • As a secular institution the University expects its students and staff to display tolerance and respect toward each other regardless of their religious beliefs including those who have no religious beliefs.