University of Bolton Student Handbook

The University of Bolton is a diverse University with many different subjects represented, but there are many things that apply equally to most or all of our students. That’s the idea behind the Student Handbook: to have all such things in one place.

This online handbook collects together important information you will need as a student in our University.  Where ever possible you are directed via web links to the relevant sections of the University website.

Please try to find the time to read through the information as some of the things covered could be very important to you during your time with us, even if you don’t see that right now.

The handbook applies to all the University’s students, including those who are studying a University-validated programme at a partner institution. Off-Campus students should read this in conjunction with information they will also be provided with from the partner institution

All the information within the Student Handbook applies to all students with the exception of the link providing details of facilities which are available at the University of Bolton campus which of course is not directly relevant to those students studying at partner institutions.

You will find links through to many of the Universities policies, procedures and regulations.  If there is any conflicting information, in all cases you are subject to the full University versions referred to and in the case of any conflict between the latter and any summaries presented here or elsewhere, it is the full University versions which will apply. This also applies to anything written in your programme handbook or in other programme documentation. University regulations will always prevail.

The Student Information - Policy Zone has the most up to date version of regulations, policies and procedures with archived documents available from this site also in case you need to refer back to a previous version of a policy.

In the case of Postgraduate Research Students, you are directed to the following link for specific information about the Research Degree Regulations, Appeals Procedures, Codes of Practice and Quality Assurance Handbook:

I hope you find the Handbook useful.  We are always looking to improve so please let us know if you think there are elements missing.  You can email and we shall ensure that future developments capture any ommisions.