Please read this section carefully and make sure the people close to you know about it.

Consider this:

“My Mum’s furious – she rang uni because she needed to contact me about my daughter and uni wouldn’t tell them anything, not even which classroom I was in!”

Or how about this: 

“Yes, he’s my Dad, but you had no right to give him my address and mobile number even if he said it was urgent! As a result of this, they will all start harassing me again and I’ll have to find somewhere else to live AGAIN!”

These two examples are based on real cases.

If someone gets in touch with us and asks for personal information about you, we will refuse to provide it unless we have written authority from you giving us permission to do so. This is so even if the person claims to be a close family member, or claims the matter is very urgent.

We will, however, contact a person you have designated as to be contacted in an emergency if such an emergency arises and we will do so without requesting your permission.

As a result, we cannot give out information of any kind about you to any other people without your permission, including:

  • Whether or not you are a student at this university.
  • Who your tutors are.
  • What course you are on.
  • Your whereabouts in the university or elsewhere (e.g. where you live).
  • Your timetable.
  • Your phone numbers or university email address.
  • Your grades or assessment feedback.
  • Your state of health.
  • Anything related to a disability you may have.
  • Any financial information including debt.
  • Etc.

In other words all personal information about you will be withheld.

We understand that this may sometimes be very frustrating for people who genuinely care about you and wish you no harm. However we do not know who is and who is not acting in your best interests and we are legally obliged to protect your privacy in this way. People with malicious intent towards you might contact us and claim to be close to you and acting in your best interests, or claim they have your permission, when in fact they are trying to find out about you without your permission perhaps to do you harm or act against your interests.

These restrictions cover all forms of communication: face-to-face verbal or by telephone, email and written correspondence etc.

If you want to give us permission to communicate with another person about you and discuss personal information about you, you must put this in writing to

Senior Administration Manager
Student Centre,
University of Bolton
Deane Road
Bolton BL3 5AB

Alternatively, put the same information in an email SENT FROM YOUR UNIVERSITY WEBMAIL EMAIL ACCOUNT to the relevant Senior Administration Manager at the following addresses: (students studying at the University of Bolton campus) (students studying at a Partner Institution's campus)

In your letter (which must be from your university email account or signed and dated if communicated on paper) you must provide the following information 

  1. the full name
  2. the address
  3. the phone number
  4. the date of birth
  5. the relationship to you

of each person you want to authorise us to discuss your personal information with, as well as what limits (if any) you want to put on that authorisation. We will do our best to respect your request. We will do our best to check the identity of any such person, for example by asking them questions based on the information you provide and asking them about things we think they should know about you (without providing them with the answers).

You may also wish to view the University of Bolton Processing Your Personnal Data notice.