1  Personal property and safety

As anywhere, you are advised to take reasonable care of yourself and others whilst on campus.  You are also advised to keep your personal property with you at all times.  If you see anything suspicious, please report the incident to a member of staff.  Security can be called upon at any time: for emergencies, 666 internally, or 01204 903 666 from an external line).  The general security number is 01204 903700.

Lockers are available to hire around campus. You must supply your own padlock and empty the locker at the end of each academic session.

2  Car parking

If you park on University property, you must:

  • Be authorised to do so. See separate notices concerning this matter;
  • Park in a marked bay that is not identified for use by others.

Parking in unmarked areas can cause inconvenience and is potentially extremely dangerous.  Emergency fire services might have their access restricted in a call-out as a result of parking out of the bays. 

3  ATM Cash Machine

A cash machine is situated just outside the Cash office in Chancellor’s Mall (adjacent to Cafe Athena).

The machine is free to use and the maximum amount which may be withdrawn will be limited by your card provider.  As transactions are confidential customers must contact their own bank regarding any transaction or issues such as retained cards.

The machine is monitored remotely by the Co-operative bank.  Please be aware that Cash office staff do not have access to the machine and therefore are unable to solve any issues with the machine other than informing the provider.

4  WiFi: Wireless access to university network resources and the Internet

If you have a wireless-enabled device such as a laptop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) there are a number of WiFi wireless hotspots around the University campus that enable access to a wide range of facilities including web browsing and email etc. The connection is called “Campusroam”.  To use this facility, you will need to go through a one-off setup process for which you will need your University login credentials (your username and password).

The procedure involves first connecting to a basic and completely open WiFi service called “Campusinfo” that gives access via an unsecured wireless network just to the University website, your University webmail account, and your M: drive personal file space. This is restricted to these facilities, but is very simple indeed to use. You can also use this to set up the “full service” Campusroam. Use http://wireless.bolton.ac.uk/campusroam.php from a campusinfo open wireless connection and follow the instructions to get Campusroam installed.

If you get stuck, the university IT helpdesk number is 01204 903444.

Finally, there is a facility called Eduroam. When this is set up, you can use your Bolton credentials to access networks at over 100 participating universities worldwide.

Full details of all three is available at http://wireless.bolton.ac.uk which can be accessed over the unsecured Campusinfo wireless connection or from any computer with internet access.