1  Enrolment

Enrolment (and subsequently re-enrolment) is compulsory for each academic year (September to September).  Any students who begin in January or February must also re-enrol for the following September.

2  If your course finishes but you have not yet successfully completed

If your course finishes but you have not successfully completed all assessments, and have been granted an opportunity by the Assessment Board to submit work for assessment at a later stage, you need to enrol as a “dormant” student for the year in which that particular Assessment Board sits. 


Assessment Boards cannot consider the results of students who are not enrolled, and only Assessment Boards can determine awards.

3  Notifying us of a change to your address or other details

It is essential that you inform us of any changes in your personal details.

You can change your address, telephone number and personal email address online via the student portal:


The name you give on the enrolment form is the one that will appear on your award certificate - you are advised to check it is correct. It is vital that you use your full name if that is what you want to appear on your certificate. Once a certificate is issued it will not be possible to reissue one in a different name. 

4  Privacy - how we handle enquiries from others about you

Please read this section carefully and make sure the people close to you know about it.
Privacy - how we handle enquiries from others about you

5  Documents we suggest you MUST keep permanently

We know from experience that it is very important to you that you keep:

  • your own full copy of all your written assessments;
  • all your assessment results and written feedback, etc;
  • any result transcripts you are provided with;
  • your final award certificate (and any interim award certificates if applicable).

It is also advisable to save your copy of your programme handbooks/guides in case you need to supply details of the curriculum in the future, as each year courses may change somewhat.

Why keep documents?

It is important to keep hold of your documents even after you have completed your programme of study. Sometimes documents are needed for a new job or to live in a new country. The University may not be able to supply the documents on request as we are only required to keep information for a certain amount of time.

6  CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Credits

In view of the above issue, if you successfully complete a CPD course with us a record of credits achieved will be issued, headed with the University's crest. Credits at levels HE3, HE4, and HE5 will be labelled 'Professional Development', whilst those at levels HE6 and HE7 will be labelled 'Advanced Professional Development'.

The name of the student, title of the programme and the number and level(s) of credits will be included, plus any endorsement of the credits by a professional, statutory or regulatory body and, if the body recognises the credits towards their own regulated award title, this title will be added in parentheses.