There are many reasons for studying at university. It is an opportunity to study and research topics of study in great detail, to challenge and stretch yourself intellectually. One of the other important reasons is to help you get a more interesting and better paid job after you graduate. The good news is that the graduate employment market is buoyant – graduate employment rates are high and average graduate salaries are considerably higher than those of non-graduates. The bad news is that with greater numbers of graduates entering the jobs market than ever before, employers are looking for more than just a good degree. The juiciest jobs go to those graduates who can demonstrate softer skills such as team-working, cultural awareness, leadership and communication skills.

The University of Bolton understands the demands employers are placing on new graduates. We have a number of enjoyable paid and unpaid opportunities and activities that will enhance your CV and develop your transferable skills.

These include:


- get involved in community projects

Student Ambassador Scheme

- welcome new students to the university

Student Associate Scheme

- gain work experience in teaching

Clubs and Societies

- keep fit, get a new hobby and make friends

We also offer a comprehensive Careers Service.