SouthwestphaliaThe University of Bolton has had a successful partnership with University of South Westphalia since 2010 which is located in Germany. The programmes are postgraduate level. The courses are taught by UK and local tutors and the UK link tutors from the University of Bolton will be monitoring the programmes. The students will also have access to the University’s online facility ‘Moodle’.


  • MSC Systems Engineering (Mechatronics) and Eng. Management
  • MSc Systems Engineering (Mechanical) and Eng. Management

How to apply

If you are interested in finding out more about the course, the fees, and how to make an application, please either visit the Padeborn, Soest website below, or contact

Each of our partnerships has an Academic Partnership Manager (APM), and should you wish to speak directly, the APM for Padeborn, Soest is Prof. Danny Morton