Professor Baljinder K Kandola

Professor of Materials Fire Science

Baljinder Kandola is a Professor of Materials Fire Science with a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry.

Baljinder offers over 25 years’ experience in materials used in motorsport, having worked with fibre-reinforced structural composites for exterior and thermoplastic composites/textiles for interior applications. Her particular expertise is in developing high performance materials, polymer processing, flammability and fire retardancy of structural/semi-structural composites.

Her research work involves incorporation of reactive components or additives including nano and microfillers, into polymers by melt blending, in-situ polymerisation or as surface treatments and the study of the combustion behaviour of modified polymers. Her other interest is to study the effects of different treatments on residual mechanical properties of heat/fire exposed composites. This also includes development of a predictive mathematical model to establish relationship between amount of additives, fire performance of the composite and its mechanical properties before and after fire/heat exposure.

To date she has published over 120 papers in refereed journals, 40 conference proceedings and co-authored and written chapters in a number of books on ‘Fire Retardancy of Materials’.