William Hails

Lecturer in Engineering

William (Bill) Hails is a professional engineer with over 30 years’ experience, previously working for multinational companies in the automotive sector as a project engineer, test engineer and drive line manager. He worked with companies such as Pirelli, Ford Motor Company, Volvo , M.A.N., Daewoo Motor Company and Kia amongst others. Students benefit from his extensive experience in bringing new products to the market through design, design analysis, prototype procurement, test planning, and product validation.

With academic qualifications including an honours degree in Engineering and Mathematics, and MSc in Product Development and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics, William now shares his wealth of knowledge in materials science, mechanics of materials, engineering mathematics and project management supporting students to develop both academic knowledge and practical know-how.

He entered the education sector in 2004 as a teacher of mathematics and commenced work at the University of Bolton in 2010 as a lecturer in the Engineering Department.