“To be the UK’s leading academic centre for Motorsport Engineering, offering industry-driven and student-led academic programmes creating outstanding engineers who will shape the future of automotive development in the UK and internationally.”


The 2017/18 academic year is crucial in the establishment of the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME). The opening of this outstanding purpose-built environment is the key time to develop new courses, enhance student experience and ensure sustainability. This ambitious new development, at the heart of Bolton’s £200 million Education Zone, is focused on assisting University of Bolton staff and partners support students in their journey to develop technical prowess, job readiness and skills in enterprise, innovation and creativity.

The key performance indicators for 2017/18 are as follows:

  • To integrate the three 'body of knowledge' areas within the University – Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Advanced Performance Engineering (Motorsport) – along with other relevant areas of the School of Engineering by sharing resources and practice that fits with the strategic aims of the University.
  • To help secure quality work placements and high quality industry experience for University of Bolton students engaged with the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering.
  • To develop future technology and engineers to have a sustainable career in motorsport and other engineering industries. NCME students will see how cars are designed, made, optimised and prepared for racing. Students will be prepared for the working world and NCME will aim to ensure students are more employable on the grounds of this experience. The skills they acquire will be transferable to other applied high performance engineering workplaces and beyond.
  • To have academic staff who are highly qualified with relevant and current industrial or applied research experience.
  • To establish knowledge and capability, especially team working, data analysis and problem solving associated with motorsport engineering through the NCME.
  • To ensure the NCME has up-to-date, state-of-the-art engineering and design equipment that is relevant to a university setting and industry needs.
  • To protect and secure academic quality standards both internally and externally, including accreditation with professional bodies.
  • To ensure continual improvement in the student experience and the development of Formula Student projects to pursue design, test, build, improvement, inform and re-design assignments. NCME will be positioned to create a network of partner employers to improve the chances of employment for NCME graduates. Operational planning of the NCME will provide for up to a 37 hour per week student experience in lectures, tutorials, laboratories, work spaces, industry and on the race track.
  • To ensure the NCME courses pursue the need for students and graduates to understand the dynamic interaction involved in the operation of a car and motorsport engineering.  
  • To develop and maintain national and international links for branding and delivery of courses in the NCME towards collaborative working using established models.
  • To ensure all students applying to be part of NCME courses are interviewed and selected to serve their best interest and ensure standards of the University is maintained.