PhD success for Vietnamese student

Posted on Monday 22nd May 2017

Vietnamese student, Dinh Minh Hang is set to graduate with a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in July’s congregation ceremonies.

Hang travelled to the University of Bolton in 2012 on a Vietnamese Government Scholarship. She has distinction degrees from Hanoi National University of Education, where she is a lecturer in modern literature. 

Her research moves from a study of poetic theory to poetic practice and examines the interaction between Western and Vietnamese poetry of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in relation to specific issues, forms and individual poets.  

Based on her research of leading modern Vietnamese poets, she identifies the Western influences on representatives of modern Vietnamese poetry and proposes a new way of reading, studying and writing a modern poem. 

'Doing a PhD course in comparative poetry at the University of Bolton has been a fantastic opportunity for me,’ said Hang.

‘Professor Jon Glover, my first supervisor, has given me tremendous encouragement and has allowed me to research everything from my own perspective.’

Hang has joined up with fellow staff and students from the Creative Writing department including Dr. Stella Pye, Dr. Phil Isherwood, Dr. Owen Lowery and Professor Glover as part of a regular poetry reading group.

‘Poetry comes to us in the most natural and enjoyable way, and I have enjoyed sharing my time with the rest of the group,’ she said. 

Hang will now return to Hanoi National University of Education to continue her teaching and will assist in the organization of new teaching methods and literature programs in her University, and Vietnamese high schools. 

She also has an interest in translating modern poetry, which was illustrated in her publication in Stand magazine and in Vietnamese poems introduced in her thesis. 

Said Hang: 'I would like to express my gratitude to the University of Bolton, School of the Arts, Research and Graduate School and the University of Bolton library for the generous support during my study.

‘I would especially like to thank Professor Jon Glover and Professor Michael Schmidt for their extraordinarily inspiring and caring supervisions and Dr. Stella Pye for walking me through the completion of my PhD journey.’