Centre for Opposition Studies launches research degrees

Posted on Friday 12th May 2017

The Centre for Opposition Studies at the University of Bolton has announced the introduction of a range of pioneering research degrees to advance the study of politics in the UK and worldwide.

The courses announced today are the first in what is hoped will be a series of new programmes to further the study of politics and political opposition.

The PhD and MPhil postgraduate courses will span a range of topics in British and International politics, from the politics and history of democracy and dissent, to the study of democratic institutions and government.

The Vice Chancellor and President of the University, Professor George E Holmes DL, welcomed the new courses, saying:

‘We are very pleased that the Centre for Opposition Studies at the University of Bolton will now begin offering opportunities for postgraduate students to engage in first class research at the forefront of political studies.

‘The University of Bolton has a proud history of innovation and excellence, and these new courses will help us embed that reputation.’

Since its foundation, the Centre has hosted high-profile events and talks by leading political figures such as Michael Howard, Baroness Royall, Sir Vince Cable and Sir Lynton Crosby. Most recently, it presented a talk by former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock, in conversation with Professor Lord Hennessy. Lord Kinnock, along with Michael Howard and the late Charles Kennedy, has supported the Centre as one of its Honorary Presidents.

The proposed areas for study for which applications are welcomed are:

•           Democratic History & Evolution

•           Democracy and Models of Government

•           Electoral Systems

•           Government and Opposition

•           Political Studies and Dissent

•           Government and Transparency

•           Political Parties, Funding and Transparency

•           Regulatory Frameworks for Governance

•           The Role of Opposition in Governance

•           Government and the Autonomy of Judiciary


Further information about the Centre for Opposition Studies at the University of Bolton please contact:

Professor Mohammed Abdel-Haq at: mah-oppositionstudies@bolton.ac.uk

Or visit our website at: www.bolton.ac.uk/oppositionstudies