Bigger and Better: TEDxUniversityofBolton returns for a second installment

Posted on Thursday 4th May 2017


TEDx returned to the University of Bolton on Friday for the second edition of the highly successful conference.

This year, 16 engaging and distinguished speakers grappled with the theme “Innovate, Integrate, Educate”.

Over 100 people turned out for a day of discussion, inspiration and learning at the Queen's Specialist Building in Farnworth.

TEDxUniversityofBolton, is a student-led conference which brings together innovative thinkers from across the University and the larger community to explore ideas for our collective future under the TED ethos of ‘ideas worth spreading’.

Vice Chancellor and President, Professor George E Holmes DL launched the event with a keynote speech on the progress of the University of Bolton since the Robbins Report and its current standing as a modern creative university.


Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr Kondal Reddy Kandadi; Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Quality) Professor Patrick McGhee and Professor of Psychology, Professor Jerome Carson all returned after delivering enlightening talks at the inaugural TEDxUniversityofBolton event.

Other speakers included David Hopkins, Professor in the School of Education and Psychology; Professor David Thacker, Professor of Theatre at the University of Bolton and Professor Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, UK.

TEDxUniversityofBolton give important ideas a voice. The sort of ideas that catch our curiosity; insight that challenges our attitudes and inspires new ones. The uniqueness of this event is to do this without a political, religious or commercial agenda and to spread ideas to a far-reaching and growing audience.


TEDxUniversityofBolton deliver ideas worth sharing that educate, inspire and empower women in the field of education, business administration, science and arts.  We were delighted to see an abundance of qualified and talented women speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise.

 Sue Beckingham, one of the Top 50 UK Higher Education Social Media Influencers, delivered an inspired talk on the importance of lifelong learning! Among the other female motivational speakers, inspired talks were given by Dr Sarah Telfer, Dr Daniela Bacova, the Artist Michiko Nitta, and Psychology student Victoria Coates.

The event was overseen by Assistant Teaching Professor Ianis Matsoukas with student volunteers working tirelessly on producing an event that is recognised worldwide.

Sixty two volunteers dedicated their time and effort to the smooth running of the event, with a livestream also broadcast online.

Videos and pictures from the event will be posted on YouTube and on the TEDxUniversityofBolton website. For updates, keep in touch by following TEDxUniversityofBolton by using:



Twitter: @tedxuobolton


Statements from Volunteers:

Nurun Nahar (Speaker Liaison): 'The student-led initiative which is at the heart of TEDxUniversityofBolton, provides a platform to our student volunteers to showcase their talents and develop life skills such as team working, effective communication, collaboration, self-confidence and resilience. I believe Dr. Ianis Matsoukas, the licence holder for TEDxUniversityofBolton has captured the very essence of this skills enhancement process, an integral part of a student’s academic life, across this event that has been successfully organised and managed mainly by our students twice in a row.'

Flore Bolefo (Law Student & Customer Support Volunteer): 'It was inspiring to be able to meet a group of talented individuals from the university, teachers and student alike. Overall TEDx 2017 was an outstanding and education journey which everyone at the university should experience at least once.'

Ian Smith (2nd Year Photography Student): 'TEDx 2017 provided me with a great opportunity to meet many staff/students I would not ordinarily meet in my regular student activities.  A great opportunity to put into action many of the skills that I am learning as a student. It was good to see the enthusiasm and above all the commitment to make it “happen”. Good leaders and good volunteers.'

Aymen Mohamed (Executive Masters in Business student/Marketing & Communications Team Leader TEDxUOB2017): 'With great support from the volunteers and the University of Bolton, TEDxUOB2017 returned and was extremely successful. All the speakers interacted with the audience and the volunteers had once again shown their dedication and talents. I hope that the next event will be even bigger with more people involved. It is not only great for the University but also the community as a whole as we are representing the town of Bolton.'

Barry Jewell (3rd Year Photography Student): 'After two exciting years of being part of the TEDx family I have been able to grow as a professional. TEDx has help my skills grow and gain experience within the media field. Guided by inspirational mentors the whole TEDx experience has been informative as well as uplifting.'