Student leadership election results revealed

Posted on Monday 6th March 2017

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Congratulations to Raz Riaz who has been named Student President, after the results of the leadership election were announced yesterday.

He will be joined by Student Trustees Philippa Iliff and Daniel Edmondson, and Joanne Jones who was selected as NUS Delegate.

In this year’s Leadership Race, ten students in total ran to represent University of Bolton Students. Five candidates ran for the position of President (Student Officer), three candidates for the position of Student Trustee and two candidates for the position of NUS Delegate.

Candidates and their teams of supporters campaigned across campus for votes, speaking to students about their pledges. Voting took place over five days across campus, in order to give more students the opportunity to vote.

Over 1030 votes were cast, more than double the votes received in the 2016 Leadership Race.


A full breakdown of the results are below.


President Results - 966 Total Votes

     Raz Riaz was elected with 404 votes

     Stacey Johnson received 308 votes

     Mohamed Ali Mohamed Hasabeldaim received 188 votes

     Tom Halligan received 178 votes

     Md Ismil Hossain received 122 votes

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  Student Trustee Results - 853 Total Votes - 2 Student Trustees elected

     Philippa Iliff was elected with 322 votes

     Daniel Edmondson was elected with 273.7 votes

     Kabir Hossain received 225.6 votes

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 NUS Delegate Results - 831 Total Votes

     Joanne Jones was elected with 406 votes

     Madison Hope-Tatnell received 367 votes

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