Lecturer leads judging on design competition in China

Posted on Wednesday 21st June 2017

University lecturer Martin Sinclair travelled to China to judge the 2017 Design Challenge Competition sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineering.

The event was held at Shanghai Polytechnic University with teams from seven institutions taking part.

The challenge this year was to design a repeatable vehicle that could remember its course mechanically (no electronics) and return accurately to its starting point.

The first round of the competition tasked teams with presenting the design of the vehicle followed by questions from the judges. The teams were rated on their presentation, demonstration and poster.

In the second part of the competition, teams had to run their vehicle in three dedicated test lanes, bouncing off the wall and returning to the starting point as closely as possible. Points were given in relation to their finishing position.

The fierce competition saw the final three teams being separated by just 4mm.

A team from Suzhou Vocational University were named the victors, with another team from the institution picking up the runner-up spot.

Zhejiang College of Tongji University took third place whilst a team from Shanghai Polytechnic University won the demonstration award.

David Ball with Champion team

‘The Institute of Mechanical Engineers student challenge has been running for 10 years in the UK and has been enthusiastically supported by staff in the University of Bolton Engineering Department,’ said Leader of the judging team, Martin Sinclair.

David Ball, Chairman-IMechE Design Challenge, Institution of Mechanical Engineers said: ‘The Design Challenge Competition encompasses all of the requirements of a Professional Engineer and it has already changed the way the students in this Institution approach an Engineering requirement.

‘As the competition progresses in China it will positively influence the lives of large numbers of Undergraduate Engineers. I am delighted with the way that this Design Challenge is now becoming a truly international event and the competition will extremely help to promote the IMechE in China over the coming months and beyond.’