Third TIRI Conference launches

Posted on Thursday 6th July 2017

The University’s third Teaching Intensive Research Informed Conference has begun, launching on Wednesday with an opening address by Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Kondal Reddy Kandadi.

In his address, Dr Kandadi reflected on the TIRI philosophy since its introduction in 2015 and the progress made in the last two years. He also highlighted the recent TEF results and the continued commitment of staff to the TIRI agenda.

The TIRI Conference offers a platform for University colleagues and partners to get together to debate, generate ideas, network with colleagues, and to celebrate and disseminate good practice.

The TIRI Conference will feature two days of workshops, academic papers, flash presentations and posters with the theme of “Creating Excellence: Support and Achievement”. In addition, the Jenkinson’s Award recipients are giving presentations on their projects.


‘At the core of our TIRI philosophy is excellent teaching, support staff, and platinum courses; distinctive, niche courses programmes where the University of Bolton will be the first choice for students,’ said Dr Kandadi.

‘All of the core elements of the philosophy focus on one fundamental goal; we put our students’ success at the centre of everything we do at the institution. We measure our success based on how successful they are.

‘In regard to this, we have made strong progress on our platinum courses and we have introduced a culture of celebrating great teaching.

‘Our improvements in learning infrastructure for students are evident with the new National Centre for Motorsport Engineering, STEM Centre and Bolton Central buildings.

‘Externally there is also recognition of the work we are doing through the TIRI philosophy. Last month we received the TEF Silver ranking demonstrating the progress we’re making on teaching excellence.

‘We were particularly commended on the high quality resources we have and the institutional culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching. They also highlighted the excellent support to our students who come from a wide, challenging array of backgrounds

‘That step change is achieved by the staff and the hard work and commitment they’ve shown to taking the TIRI philosophy to heart.’

Dr Kandadi went on to deliver his keynote address around the topic of graduate success.

There is an exciting selection of keynote speakers, workshops, research papers, flash presentations and posters. In addition, the Jenkinson’s Award recipients are giving presentations on their projects. You can find the full programme and abstracts in the Conference Programme & Book of Abstracts available here.