Industry insight to inspire students

Posted on Thursday 23rd February 2017
Hal Sandbach - Copy

Games students were last week treated to a lecture from industry professional, and Head of Design at d3t, Hal Sandbach.

d3t are a work-for-hire software development company based in Runcorn designing tech, games, software or mobile applications.

The lecture was the third in the series which forms part of the Employability and Enterprise module for all second year Games Design, Games Art and Games Programming students.

Hal’s career initially began with a law degree but he quickly made the switch to the games industry after a school friend began working at the noted video game development company Psygnosis.

‘My friend told me the right people to write to and, because he knew me, he was able to recommend me,’ said Hal.

‘Who you know is really important because people you know will get jobs and if they recommend you it’s a really good way to get your foot in the door.’

The games industry is now worth close to $100 billion (USD) with opportunities available for graduating students; from large multimillion studios to small developers.

‘Obviously people will have the most awareness of the big companies like EA, Ubisoft and so on,’ said Hal.

‘You’ll get to work on great big games if you work with them, and that can be great fun, but it’s being aware that’s not the only path.

‘I worked on massive AAA $25m projects and I’ve worked on three man £50,000 projects. You can find a lot of enjoyment and entertainment in both.

‘If you want to work on one thing to really get your teeth into for three years, then go for a big publisher, if you want to do something different every few months a small company will help you do that.’

He advised students not to have a pre-existing criteria of what they must do, rather to find the enjoyment within making the games themselves.

‘Make sure you enjoy what you do, if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to succeed.’