International Conference visit for Chathurika

Posted on Wednesday 26th April 2017
Chathurika Kannangara 3

Associate Lecturer and Early Career Researcher from the School of Education and Psychology Chathurika Kannangara has been selected to attend an international workshop in the United Arab Emirates.

Chathurika will visit the workshop in Dubai from 24 to 27 April which looks at “Building Resilience in Mental Health across the Lifespan”.

The event seeks to bring together early career researchers from the UK and Iran to hold an academic discussion on Mental Health. It also aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in both directions and to build links for future collaboration.

Chathurika was selected for the British Council funded place by the hosting institution, Bangor University.

‘I had seen the advert and my PhD supervisor, Professor Jerome Carson, suggested that I apply because it is my area of expertise – resilience and grit applications in psychological wellbeing,’ said Chathurika.

‘I lead research on resilience and grit in the University and my previous Jenkinson funding was also for a resilience and grit project.’

Twenty early career researchers will be in attendance, ten from the UK and ten from Iran as well as nine workshop mentors and invited speakers.

‘One of the lead researchers and invited speakers at the event, Professor John Parkinson, has a keen focus on positive psychology – an area of great interest for me,’ continued Chathurika.

‘There are also several researchers practicing resilience as a preventive treatment technique. That’s an area I’m really looking forward to learning about in the workshops and training.

‘It’s a very good opportunity to network with other early career researchers and lead researchers who are going to conduct the programme.’

The specialist sessions at the workshop will focus on providing theory underlying aspects of mental health treatment, prevention and intervention. There will also be sessions on the process of conducting research, identifying and applying for research grants, training on academic networking and capacity building for international research-based collaboration.

‘Looking at the history of Iran, I think it’s important to see their perspective of the application for resilience in mental health.

‘It will provide an interesting comparison as to how we, as quite a developed country, are applying positive psychology techniques.

‘It’s very important to have such forums and discussions and to see what we could do together in collaboration.’