Integrity at Work in Financial Services - making the right choice

Posted on Friday 13th May 2016

The challenges of ensuring integrity underpins business decision-making was highlighted in the latest Centre for Islamic Finance's 2016 lecture at the University of Bolton.


Global Business Development Director of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), Kevin Moore, challenged his audience to bring their judgement to bear in three challenging case studies.

Welcoming guests, Director of the Centre for Islamic Finance Professor Mohammed Abdel-Haq said: 'It is my pleasure to introduce Kevin Moore who is an ex-senior banker and today, through his work with the CISI, works closely with major institutions in the City of London.'

A former banker with Lloyds' with experience in retail, corporate and private banking, Kevin Moore now works for a professional body which is playing its own role in helping the banking industry recover its reputation.

Kevin Moore quoted polls showing that UK public confidence in the banking industry fell dramatically during the banking crisis. It was now making a recovery, but had a long way to go before public support reached the 1984 level of 90 per cent confidence in the industry.


Kevin Moore gave examples of how banks had been blamed for unemployment, falling house prices and failed businesses across Europe. The public perception had been that banks had let their customers down, he said.

Said Kevin Moore: 'Honesty and integrity do matter. This is a global topic - how do you win the trust of customers?'

While other industries also faced integrity issues - from football to the motor and social media industries - he said the CISI was working to help banking's reputation recovery. The CISI had developed a code of conduct based on 'honesty, openness, transparency and fairness', to which more than 100 firms had now signed up.

Closing the evening, Vice Chancellor, Prof George Holmes said: 'This is a significant lecture, Kevin has certainly provided us with food for thought.  The University is very grateful to Kevin for coming today and sharing his thoughts with us.'

The Centre for Islamic Finance at the University of Bolton, which was launched in 2012 has PhD students from around the world and in January 2016 launches its MBA in Islamic Finance on both a full-time and part-time basis.  It is supported in its work by an International Advisory Board, drawn from highly respected academics and businessmen and women.

The Centre works in collaboration with other financial and academic institutions to encourage high quality research and to promote the understanding of Islamic finance through lectures, conferences and short courses.

It has welcomed numerous industry leaders to speak at the University, including Dr Ahmed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Norman Lamont and most recently Pope Francis's diplomatic representative in Britain, His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini.