Dame Janet Smith speaks at the University

Posted on Friday 20th March 2015

The University of Bolton and its Law School were delighted to welcome Dame Janet Smith for a talk on ‘Public Inquiries; are they worth the money, or are they a waste of time and effort?’

Dame Smith is one of the ten most senior judges in the UK and gave an inspired and enlightening lecture on a very timely topic to staff, students and guests from the local legal community.

Stephen Hardy, Head of the Law School said:

‘This is a milestone in the history of the Law School and the Ryder lecture series because Dame Smith is the first female speaker in this most prestigious event of the Law School.

Ryder lectures were named after Lord Justice Ryder, who is serving as the University’s Chancellor, and have previously included talks by himself and His Honour Professor William Morris.

We are grateful for Dame Smith’s presence and our law students will remember her lecture in the years to come.’

Lord Justice Ryder, Chancellor of the University said:

‘I’m hugely grateful to Dame Janet Smith for a powerful and important contribution to the debate on Public Inquiries.’