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This course will lead you progressively through the basics of drawn and digital creative approaches to further advanced skills necessary for a professional career in animation and illustration.

Building on the introduction to the basics of both animation and illustration from a technical, creative and theoretical perspective, the latter half of the course offers increasing levels of choice in both disciplines. This course is designed so that it allows you the freedom to either pursue one area in depth or to continue exploring a wide range of outcomes. Therefore, if you wish to specialise in pursuit of a specific career destination such as digital animation or children’s book illustration, you can do so.

Unique Opportunity

A unique opportunity to study the basics of both animation and illustration and to forge a synergy between the two disciplines.

Team of Creative professionals

A staff team of creative professionals with extensive academic and industry experience in the animation and illustration industry. With a wealth of knowledge staff have worked for several broadcasting companies including the BBC on titles such as David Attenborough’s series, Lost Worlds Vanished Live; also on BAFTA nominated projects for Granada Television, including The Eye of the Storm.

BAFTA winning team

As active professionals in the field of animation and illustration staff talents and expertise have also been demonstrated in titles such as Dangermouse, Duckula, The Avenger Penguins and The BFG. Staff members have also pioneered BAFTA winning series such as Alias the Jester.

Dedicated Studio Space

Access to five dedicated studio spaces equipped with Apple Mac computers and scanners, networked to a Canon laser printer.

Student Satisfaction

The department has an excellent reputation – we are top 15 in the UK for student satisfaction (Complete University Guide 2014).

100% Coursework and Practical Skills

100% of the course is assessed by coursework and practical tasks giving students the skills they need to carry out project work ready for the work place.

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